Friday, March 1, 2013

Old Photo Friday: In Memory of Mike

Be silent in that solitude, which is not loneliness
For then, the spirits of the dead, who stood in life before thee, 
are again, in death around thee, 
and their will shall overshadow thee; be still.

- Edgar Allen Poe

WHO: Mom (Jennifer), Me (Stacy) and Mike
WHAT: I believe this was taken on Christmas Eve
WHERE: Kitchen is unknown to me (anyone have any idea where this was taken?)
WHEN: December 1969 

My Uncle Mike passed away on Thursday.  He was estranged from the family for many many years.  I did not know him as an adult and have few memories of him as a child.  

He lived a troubled life, traveled all over the country as a bit of a nomad.  He loved dogs, the Coos Bay (Oregon) area, worked on cars and machinery and seemed good with tools (from what I remember).

I hope he finds in the next life, what was missing in this one.

Rest in peace,