Friday, March 15, 2013

Old Photo Friday: Like Taking Candy From a Baby (or an Ex-Con)

WHO: Pop
WHAT: March Madness Money
WHERE: Lowell's Bar and Grill (Pike Place Market, Seattle)
WHEN: March 1990

Another memorable infamous day with my Pop and longtime family friend, Sten.  I asked my Pop and Rosemary if I could move back to Springfield to concentrate on my college studies (party less, study more) and Pop and Sten came up to Seattle to move me home (it was a month away from my 21st birthday).

One thing led to another and we spent our Saturday drinking and watching March Madness hoops at Lowell's Bar and Grill (who would card a girl drinking with her Dad)?

I am not sure how it happened, but Pop started trash talking with a recently incarcerated gentleman, and made a bet with him on one of the games, then proceeded to take him for all that he was worth (literally).

A perfect example of Dad/Daughter bonding if you ask me!