Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: March Madness 2013

Here are some of the highlights from last week's March Madness week!

  • 32 games Thursday and Friday; 16 games Saturday and Sunday. 12+ hours of basketball a day over 4 days.  Pure bliss!  Ducks in the Sweet 16 play #1 seed Louisville on Friday night.
  •  Aunt Judy's annual goodie box sent from Ohio.  This year's box included 3 ducks and 1 frog which light up, flash and strobe, whistles and yo-yos, candy (and lots of it), Duck pasta and smoked mussels.
 Death on a cracker  I look horrible!
  • The worst cold of my life (or at least the worst in the last 20 years).  It didn't slow me down, but I was grateful that I had Thursday and Friday off.

  •  Food, glorious food!  Everything from orange glazed cinnamon rolls to 4 thick cut ribeye steaks.  It was International Week and our menu included food from Mexico, Italy, Greece and Ireland.  Diets begin today!
  • Kitties love basketball....just not all the yelling and screaming!

 Sandra and Steve get a bracket lesson from Brian

  •  Bracketology!  As of the end of the first weekend, we've all lost at least one final 4 team!  No one has the Ducks or Florida Gulf Coast in their brackets, but all of us are thrilled with the "under dogs".
A great time was had by all....the week goes by so fast.  Lots of good memories each year!