Friday, March 23, 2007

NCAA PARTY WEEKEND (A.K.A. good people and bad disco)


We had an awesome party weekend the first full weekend of the tourney. Sweet 16 in place and the first elite 8 entrants won last night. Brian's still in there with Kansas. Sandra's backing the Oregon Fighting Ducks, my Dad's still hot for Florida and I am hanging on with Ohio State (does anyone know how they came back from being down 20 points? AMAZING is what I say).

These pictures are crazy! We watched basketball for 12 hours on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday night we let it all hang out.

Go Ducks!


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NCAA - Let the MADNESS Begin


In just a little more than 12 hours the games will begin! Pop is up from Eugene and we did our picks last night. Here is how it went down:

Pop (in no particular order)

Florida, Butler, Maryland, Winthrop, Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia Tech, Indiana, Mich St., USC, N. Mexico St., Georgetown, Tennessee, Texas A & M, Nevada,
Purdue, Oregon, UNLV, Wisc., So. Ill, Duke, Pittsburgh, UCLA, North Carolina, Texas, Wash. St., Boston Coll., Ohio State, Xavier, Virginia, Louisville
The first games start at 9:15 tomorrow. Pop is making a big pot of bisquits and gravy! YUMMO!

Friday, March 9, 2007


Website of the day!

Is anyone interested in doing this? This looks really scary to me! Cool video on the website on how they made it. Enjoy! Stace


Here is a really neat quiz!

How many states can you name in the next 10 minutes? It's harder than you think! I'll be honest, I had 7 missing states. UGH! I thought it would be easier. Give it a shot!


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

MORE Olympia Pictures


Brian and I had a wonderful time exploring Olympia, Washington on Saturday. It was the first time I had ever been to downtown Olympia or explored the waterfront area and I found it to be a very unique and artsy little city.
We started off having a look around the legislative buildings on the state capitol campus. The Legislative Building is the crowning piece of the Washington State Capitol Campus and is home to the Washington State Legislature and the offices of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer.
Completed in 1928, it boasts one of the tallest free standing masonry domes in the world and houses the largest chandelier ever made by the Tiffany Lighting Company! Brian and I didn’t take the organized tour, but we were amazed that they let us go ahead and wander freely all over the building.
Brian and I took a couple of pictures on the steps of the capitol. There are 42 steps that ascend the main entrance, which represent the 42 states that were in the union when the State of Washington became a state on November 11, 1889. The building is comprised of more than 173 million pounds of stone, brick, concrete, and steel.
The fourth tallest masonry dome in the world, rising 287 feet high, tops this magnificent edifice (it is only surpassed by St. Peter’s Cathedral, Rome, St. Paul’s Cathedral, London and St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Russia) The Legislative Building was a remarkable achievement founded in the era of "American Renaissance," and still stands as a symbol of American ideals and architectural grandeur.
We also walked around the campus which is home to many veterans’ memorials including the Winged Victory, Vietnam Veterans, WW II, and Korean War monuments.
After we left the capitol we strolled along the Percival Landing Waterfront Park, named after the old commercial steamship wharf, a well-known maritime landmark in the Pacific Northwest owned by the Percival family. Brian took me to lunch (steamer clams) at Anthony’s and we enjoyed watching all of the boats heading out for an afternoon sail.
We then drove to Priest Point Park and had a quick look around and realized it will be a great place to explore this summer. Instead of turning around and heading back to Tacoma, Brian and I continued up the road to Boston Harbor, Washington, a quaint little waterfront town with a small marina and picturesque views of the Puget sound. This summer we will definitely be going back for a dockside picnic and maybe a try at kayaking.
What a nice weekend! Stace