Tuesday, January 27, 2015

3/52: Discovering Volunteer Park/The Canterbury Ale House

Last Saturday, Brian and I headed into the downtown area of Seattle to explore Volunteer Park, a 48.4 acres park in the Capital Hill neighborhood.

The park was acquired by the city of Seattle in 1876 for $2,000.  In 1885 it was designed a cemetery, but two years later it was named "Lake View Park" and the cemetery was developed on an adjacent plot.  In 1901 it was officially renamed "Volunteer Park" to honor the volunteers who served in the Spanish-American War.

The park includes a conservatory which was completed in 1912, a water tower with an observation deck, built in 1906 and the dramatic Art Deco building of the Seattle Asian Art Museum.  

A statue of William Henry Seward, and a sculpture, Black Sun by Isamu Noguchi are found in the park. There are incredible views of the Seattle skyline that prominently include the space needle.

The Water Tower, built by the water department in 1906, has 107 steps to the top of the observation deck.  The site honors, L.B. Youngs, the first superintendent of the water department from 1895-1923.

We paid the $4 admission per person into the Volunteer Park Conservatory, which houses a botanical garden.  It's made up of 3,426 glass panes.  

The Victorian-style greenhouse is modeled on London's Crystal Palace. Inside, the conservatory is divided into five display houses: bromeliads, ferns, palms, seasonal and cacti and succulents.

After a brief stroll through the rest of the park, we headed off down the street to the Canterbury Ale House, a cute neighborhood pub with 30 beers on tap, pools tables, shuffle board and darts.

I ordered a variation of a Moscow Mule made with spiced rum and we took a French Dip with Gruyere cheese home for dinner.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: January 26-28th, 2015

Welcome Monday!

We were both so impressed with last week's "Fed Up" inspired menu, that I've come up with another three wonderful meals.  This is a short week for me as I will be heading up to Seattle early this week to prepare for the Super Bowl on Sunday!

Here is our menu for the week ahead.

Remember to head on over to Laura's site for more menu planning ideas.


Monday: Baked Cod with Tomato and Feta Cheese and a Garden Salad
Tuesday: Burrito Bowls
Wednesday: Chicken with Italian Sweet-Sour Fennel and Grilled Asparagus

Friday, January 23, 2015

Old Photo Friday: Hanging Out with Family

WHO: Andrew Kerry Lee
WHAT: Hanging out and playing cards
WHERE: Newark, DE
WHEN: June 1972

Looking forward to seeing this guy in Seattle next Friday. Super Bowl Weekend has become a wonderful tradition for our family!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Recipe of the Week: Burns Night with Clapshot

Do you know that this Sunday is known as Burns night?  In Scotland, on January 25th they celebrate the birthday of the great romantic poet, Robert Burns (1759).  On Burns Night, family and friends gather for an evening of good food and company (kinda like Thanksgiving) and a traditional Burns' supper is served.

What is a Burns' supper?

Of course everything traditionally Scottish is on the menu including Scottish smoked salmon, haggis and colcannon.  I also came across a popular dish called clapshot that looked quite good (since I am a big fan of mixing potatoes with parsnips).

So come on....celebrate Burns night!  I know you want to!


Scottish Clapshot


1 pound boiled potatoes
1 pound boiled turnips
2 tablespoons chopped chives
2 tablespoon butter
Salt and Pepper


Beat the two vegetables together while still hot and mix in the chives and butter.  Season with salt and pepper.

P.S. Yes, I know this is a complete stretch of a recipe.  I am in a creative food funk and eating super clean for a few weeks.  Please let me indulge with the obscure holiday!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Menu Plan Monday: January 19-22, 2015

Happy Monday!

I watched this incredible documentary a few weeks ago called, "Fed Up".  I would encourage you to upload, download, rent off I-Tunes.....just watch this and see if you don't want to change your entire approach to eating.

Based on this movie, for the next 4 weeks I am designing a menu plan with basically little or not processed foods, which we don't eat much of anyway...but you would be surprised how many times bits and pieces fall into your menu plans.  I had no real idea how much sugar is added to items that we cook with everyday...thinking that we are eating healthy.

Here is our menu for the week ahead and remember to check out Laura's site for more menu ideas.


Monday: Grilled Sirloin Steak with Roasted Butternut Squash and a Kale Salad
Tuesday: Grilled Chicken Breasts with Roasted Brussels Sprouts
Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Parsnips, Onions and Apples
Thursday: Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy over Red Potatoes and Green Beans