Friday, April 22, 2016

Old Photo Friday: Happy Birthday, Stacy

WHO: Stacy (otherwise known as Molly Ringwald)
WHAT: Going to have lunch at Cutters Bayhouse with my Mom
WHERE: Victor Steinbrueck Park (located at the north end of Pike Place Market)
WHEN: Spring Break - March 1986

I am just days away from my 47th birthday!  Happy Birthday to me!

I am 14 months younger than Molly Ringwald who I idolized in my teen years. This outfit was inspired by her portrayal of Andie Walsh in Pretty in Pink which was released February 28, 1986.

I had on white KED like canvas shoes with white lacy socks over pink tights that had a floral designs all over them.  I wore a cream skirt and a long white button down shirt with a pink canvas fabric vest over the top.  To accent the outfit, I had a pink broach made into a bolo tie.  I thought I was just like Molly Ringwald.....I was Molly Ringwald.  I was Pretty in Pink!


Pretty in Pink turns 30