Tuesday, April 12, 2016

15/52: April in the Arboretum

It's not yet the middle of April and it's already been an amazing Birthday Month!  Our weather has been the star of the show with last week's temps in the upper 70's low 80's!

Friday night was date night at Elliott Bay and I branched out and ordered their lamb meatball curry which was fabulous.  We left the restaurant just in time to make it up to Solstice Park minutes after sunset and the sky put on quite a show.

Saturday's adventure was a car-free day up to the Seattle Arboretum...a place that we have never explored together.

Founded in 1934, the Arboretum has over 230 acres on the shores of Lake Washington.  It contains one of the most diverse and important plant collections in North America displayed in acres of woodlands, wetlands, gardens and walking trails.  The arboretum is internationally renowned for its collection of oaks, conifers, camellias, hollies and Japanese maples.

The park is accessible year round, but Azalea Way, the main road through he park is particularly inviting in springtime.  Originally a road for the mill, Azalea Way is now a path, lined with enormous flowering bushes that explode in a sea of color as warm weather hits Seattle.  At 3 miles round trip, the walk was a great way to get our exercise.

How was your April weekend?