Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Birthday Week: The Wrap Up!

The best part about Brian turning 50 was spending a whole week the same state, in the same city.

As disappointing as it was to ditch our travel plans, we had a wonderful "staycation", many new adventures and had just as much fun as we would have had if we had hit the road for Canada (as far as I know, Canada is still there and will be the next time we want to visit).

Here are some highlights from the Birthday Week....

Goodies opened the night before turning 50, including heirloom wine glasses given to us by Chick, a big sack of chips, salsa, nuts and cookies that I gathered at Cost Plus along with 3 micro-brews and 4 bottles of wine (well stocked up for the week). Sammy especially loved the box the wine came in!

Early morning birthday greetings on the 1st, 7 birthday cards that arrived in the mail and three wrapped presents excitedly opened (with Sammy's help).

A sunny drive north to Tulalip Bay Casino and a very inexpensive and conveniently located hotel room close to the casino (along with complimentary shuttle service). Dinner featuring Lobster Tempura and Seared Scallop appetizers, Filet Mignon with Cabernet/Rosemary Reduction Sauce and a birthday message written in chocolate (oh how I am kicking myself for not having the camera with me). A bit of roulette and a bit of craps and a whole lot of fun (we brought money home too).

A really warm day and time in the garden......building a new garden box for next years veggie patch and playing with Brian's new cordless edger. A pot of golden mums to help ease us into fall.

A second M's game in less than a won in a fishbowl drawing at Thriftway.

Choice seats behind homeplate....a quiet crowd, but a wonderful night for baseball.

A morning at Alki Beach.....our last beautiful day before the rains came.

Quiet time....watching the sun glisten off the Puget Sound....the suns warm rays. A beach lunch of fish and chips at Alki's Spud Fish and Chips.

Friday night "happy hour" on our cute little patio with dear friends and a little miss....all of two years old that talks like a magpie. Birthday cake for everyone!

Neighborhood walks, old movies, home cooked meals, afternoon naps and snuggles with Sammy, two cups of coffee mornings and yummy lemon scones.

I am back in Portland today......missing my guys but relishing in all the birthday memories.