Tuesday, June 26, 2012

West Seattle Weekend Wrap-Up: Rain or Shine!

Summer in West Seattle always kicks off with the Morgan Street Festival, the first of several community summertime activities.

Saturday's festival was a complete....WASHOUT!  No puppy parade....the street vendors closed up shop at noon and the outdoor stage was broken down even before the first band began to warm up.  Extremely disappointing for our little West Seattle community. 

Needless to say, about 3PM Saturday the sun came out blazing.  The rest of the day was spent walking to our local pub, reading and relaxing and using our new (used, given to us by our neighbors) charcoal BBQ.

Sammy and I crashed out on Friday night!
Our first meal, burgers with cheddar cheese, portobello mushrooms with thyme and garlic and corn on the cob was wonderful!

Here are some of my favorite shots of the weekend!