Friday, June 22, 2012

How does your garden grow?! Two month check

It's past the middle of June and we've been growing for 68 days (carrots, garlic and rosemary) and a little over one month for the yellow zucchini and tomatoes.

The zucchini is really taking off and I have numerous squash blossoms and the start of some zucchini which I know will grow like a weed.

All tomato plants have blossoms!  Let's hope the fruit is just around the corner. Our weather continues to be a bit inconsistent which does nothing for tomatoes.

I planted some basil and thyme mid week.  We love our herbs.  The day after I planted the basil we had rain and a high temperature of 55 degrees.  Pray for the basil.

I am thinking that it's probably just about time to harvest a row of carrots!?  Given our lack of sun in April/May....I am extending the official number of growing days by at least 10-12 to be on the safe side.  The tag says 100 days, which would make it another month....but they sure look ready to me.