Tuesday, June 12, 2012

West Seattle Weekend Wrap Up: M's vs. Dodgers!

I've been eagerly anticipating this game since we bought the tickets in January and also planning my ensemble.

Being a life-long Dodger Fan and an equally crazed Mariner's Fan, Saturday's game was tough, but I think I showed my true team spirit (you can't see, but I am wearing Mariner's earrings with a Mariner's sweatshirt tied at the waist to go with all my Dodger gear)!

Just call me the Dodger Socks Lady!

I got tons of compliments on my attire from other Dodger faithful (including many others who were obviously rooting for both teams....they were just as twisted as I was).  Despite a bit of resistance from Brian, I think we managed to enjoy the game together (even if we were on opposite sides for the day).  We had good seats....8 row off the first baseline and just enough dry weather to keep the roof extended.

Thankfully, the Dodgers have left town and I can go back to rooting for both teams once again.