Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Update: Girl's Weekend with Michael Buble

It was a complete no-brainer that Chick and I would see Michael Buble again if he ever came back to the Pacific Northwest.  He's a constant performer and it was only a matter of time before he returned close to home on his current "To Be Loved" tour.  When tickets went on sale in June, Chick and I snatched up a pair for last Saturday's show at the Moda Center in Portland.

The last show we saw in Seattle was PHENOMENAL!!  And although our seats were not as good as last time, with the big screens, his awesome band and stage presence...it was worth the price of admission.

He opened with a blaze of pyrotechnics to the Peggy Lee hit, "Fever" and never stopped.  Backed by an 8 piece brass/horn section, a string section (for the middle part of his show) and backing vocals by opening act (Naturally 7) towards the Grand Finale, the nearly 2 hours he was on stage flew by.

Before the show, we headed into Old Town Portland and had a glass of wine at Remedy Wine Bar.  I pass the place every Friday night on my way to the train station and it always looks inviting.

Look, I hate being a wine snob.....but how can you have a wine bar and NOT have at least one California Chardonnay on your wine list!?  Plus, I know you have a place in the "Pearl" (on the fringe, people) but $15 a glass for a French Chardonnay and I fear you'll go out of business.  Why do wine bars try so hard to alienate patrons?  We opted for an $11 French Champagne which was wonderful and the service (it's was pretty quiet at 4:30) was accommodating.

The place is super comfortable (they got that down) with big soft chairs, couches, leather seats....the place looks like a overly large living room of a New York Park Avenue Penthouse.  We'll probably come back again, but we might need a loan for 2 glasses of wine!

Then it was a short walk around the corner to The Guilt Club (another Groupon) for dinner.

This place is described as quietly glamorous (just the most perfect place for a girl's night)...part lab, part swanky James Bond hideaway.  With both a drinks menu and a dinner menu that is culinary magic.

It was a hard choice but in the end here is some of what we ate....

 Bacon Wrapped Dates stuffed with Marcona Almonds

Apple braised duck leg with mashed potatoes and sauteed Brussels sprout

Then it was off to see our boyfriend, sing...dance and dazzle the audience for 2 hours.

It was an evening...that felt like a night in Manhattan....with glamor, adventure, culinary excellence and old school entertainment!