Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Heart of Thanksgiving 2013

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  It was quiet this year, with just the four of us (Brian, Chick, Uncle Steve and I) but it was warm, full of laughs and naps and great food and lots of relaxation (I take back all those things I said about it being a nursing home holiday)!

On Wednesday, I spent a few hours in the kitchen prepping for the big day.  It was just Uncle Steve and I and he enjoyed my Food Network-Style holiday prep and we both began telling stories as I prepared the pumpkin pie.

He told me a story about his father, Frank who once made an apple pie in the camper at hunting camp.  It surprised the hell out of the group who smelled the aroma of pie and could hardly believe that Frank was baking during hunting season (he also had the French vanilla ice cream to top it all off).  I'd never heard the story before.  Frank's been gone for 18 years, but his spirit was in the kitchen last Wednesday.

That brought to mind a story about my late Grandma Virginia who one year made me a squash pie.  I loved pumpkin pie and couldn't wait for dinner to be over so I could devour a piece of my favorite dessert.  Only one year, Grandma "thought" she had bought pre-spiced pumpkin and poured the batter into the shell without adding one bit of sugar or cinnamon or cloves.  I'll never forget that first bite....Grandma was mortified and I cried.  The next day, a new pie was baked....but we never let her forget the year of the squash pie!

I felt her presence as I poured the batter into the shell and put the pie in the oven.  15 minutes later, I checked the pie and noticed a heart on the top of my pie.

I have no doubt that Frank and Virginia were in the kitchen on Wednesday...laughing with Steve and I as we told our stories.

Our holiday was full of love and memories, hope and joy and one very special pie.