Saturday, February 2, 2013

On the Mend!

Why on earth am I smiling?

We are on the mend around the Rebecca Lane household!

I had an interesting adventure in "day" surgery on Monday for a fairly routine procedure.  Grateful that I don't have cancer or need to spend anymore than a few hours in the hospital on a regular basis.  I feel so very blessed for my great health!

IV...Check, Stupid Head Thing...Check...TV Tuner Check!

However, if you do need to spend anytime in the hospital, Providence St. Vincent is a very nice facility with some really wonderful doctors and nurses (trust me, I've watched a lot of hospital dramas in my life).

Aside from the years of wonderful advice General Hospital has given me, the most important thing I can take away from my adventure is to have a Medical Advocate with you at all times. 

Chick drove me to and from the hospital (very important since I was knocked out on happy juice), she was there to hear from the doctor when my surgery was over and she listened to the nurses instructions upon my discharge.

An Old-fashioned Flower Soda from Pop and Rosemary

I didn't plan on needing to spend 2 1/2 days off work (I thought I was Super Woman, apparently I am NOT).  Heavy narcotics and anesthesia really do a number on your body, not to mention the surgery.  Remember to take a few days off to rest.  Your body heals better when you are tucked into bed, with the Food Network on and a warm kitty at your feet.

P.S. Keikei has recovered from whatever ailed her.  She was the perfect companion and never left my side for two days.