Friday, August 10, 2012

Old Photo Friday: Summers with Cousins

WHO: Stacy (in Superdog canoe), Monica and Wendy
WHAT: Summer fun
WHERE: Backyard of E street before parents put in the swimming pool
WHEN: Back of picture says August 1974

The Summer Olympics bring back fond memories of my cousins, Monica and Wendy (my Mom's brother, Mickie's daughters).

Every summer, we spent several weeks together from the time I can remember through our pre-teens (they lived full time with their mother in Washington).  The summer of 1976 has a special place in my heart (I wished I had a photo from 1976).  It was the summer of Nadia and her perfect 10's.  We'd spend hours in my backyard, pretending to be Nadia, Olga Korbut or Nellie Kim.  The world was mesmerized by her beauty, innocence and talent and we were young impressionable girls (7=me, 8=Wendy and 10=Monica)

I've not seen either cousin in over 20 years, but I hope they remember those summers and have fond memories.