Saturday, August 18, 2012

Random Bits

It's been full on work mode both inside and outside the house recently.  Brian's had several out of town work trips, we've had two excessive heat warnings with temps in Portland and Seattle near 100 (10 days apart) and my Mom is visiting from Virginia (plus Brian came down with one helluva summer cold last weekend) so not too many "fun" activities.

I did manage to snap a few random shots from the last week or so......


The worst summer cold ever!  He probably picked it up, along with tshirt on his recent trip to Arizona. Still that sweet disposition!

Sammy....relaxing on the couch as always!  He's not a big fan of the heat.

One of the best meals I have every prepared from scratch!  Wild Black Cod with Chantrelle Cream Sauce.  Best way to entertain ones self when BF is sick with a cold!

 NW Fisherman; spotted on our Lincoln Park walk a few weeks ago.  This is a carved work of art in someone's front yard along Beach Drive.  How NW!

Quick (and I mean very quick) stop in Cabela's sporting goods store with my business partner last Wednesday.  Who knew Cabela's has homemade fudge!?

Golf outing for a client at Springfield Country Club on one of the hottest days of the year!