Sunday, August 26, 2012

Menu Plan Monday: On Vacation!

Happy Monday!

I am not really posting much of a set menu this week.  On Tuesday evening, I am taking the train up to Seattle to spend a week with Brian and Sammy (it's Brian's birthday on September 1st).  As a result, I'll cook a few of Brian's favorites, we'll BBQ a ton and grab something out at some of our favorite haunts (plus a new one or two)!

For more recipes and organizational tips, check out Laura's site.


Sunday: Chick requested!  Yummy! Fettucine with Tomato Cream Sauce
Monday: Rotisserie Chicken with Caesar Salad
Tuesday: Off to Seattle via Amtrak
Wednesday:  Home cooking!  I'll cook something special for my guy and he can relax and take it easy (pour the wine).  Ideas include Skillet Lasagna or Lasagna Roll Ups, but I wouldn't rule out Classic Meatloaf
Thursday:  Perhaps a cocktail and some pupus HERE!  Or a classic piece of "pie" HERE!
Friday:  What's better than grabbing some Fish and Chips on the beach!?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Saturday:  BBQ with friends and a little Birthday Cake! I'd love to grill up some Juicy Lucy's.
Sunday:  We will probably take an adventure out to Snoqualmie Casino for a cocktail.  I just love their wine bar!