Saturday, December 17, 2011

Season's Eatings 2011

Each year our blogging friend over the pond, Katie sets up this wonderful little secret Santa gift exchange.

It's a great way for us foodies to share something unique about the region that we live in and in exchange get a cool gift and recipe from anywhere in the country (or the world for that matter)

Here are the details:

Season's Eating's is a spicy/herby/foodie gift exchange to celebrate the Holiday Season.

Like Secret Santa....Katie puts all the names of participants into a virtual hat, and distribute them.

The rules are simple:
Each person sends a small gift of a local herb, spice, or other food that is unique to or characteristic of where they live, along with a recipe using it, to a fellow foodie.

When you receive your parcel, you can either use your 'gift' in the recipe included, another of your choosing or just snap a photo of your pressie. Then you post about it and share it with the world.

Early in December a package from Kerry in Sonoma, California arrived. I received some lovely spices and olive oil from BR Cohn (Sonoma) Winery and Olive Oil Company. YUMMY!

Her recipe suggestion is to pour myself a nice glass of wine (does she know me or what) and dip a crusty loaf of bread into the olive oil and herb mixture....all while basking in the sunshine (ha ha.....sun in Oregon this time of year)!

What a wonderful and unique gift. Thanks, Kerry!

I, in return received an address for Judith in Crimora, Virginia and I mailed to her a wonderful box of goodies from the Made in Oregon Store. The recipe I sent her is for the Heathman Hotel's famous smoked salmon hash, but the salmon would also make a lovely appetizer during the holiday season. I hope Judith received my package and has a wonderful holiday season.

Again, thanks to Katie for organizing this wonderful blogging event!

Happy Holidays!