Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rest in peace, Sweet Abby

Chick's beloved cat of 14 years, of which 10 of those were shared with me, died very suddenly last Saturday.Abby was a unique kitty with a spicy personality. She warmed to few people and I was lucky enough to be one of her friends.

Abby liked warm fuzzy blankets, chewing on plastic, sleeping on her head or back (feet in the air), twinkly lights, her mommy's lap and an empty cardboard box to scratch her paws and seek refuge when she wanted to be alone.

She loved cantaloupe, lemon cookies, any kind of ice cream, lime tortilla chips and most recently black beans.....we let her beg, because for a's so unusual (and kinda cute).

Being the first one home in the evenings, I know walking in the door will never be the same.

Missing you, Abigail Van Buren (as Brian called you). I hope in heaven, you can hear (Abby was born deaf) and wander around in a garden full of flowers, birds and butterflies.