Sunday, January 3, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Welcome 2010!!

Welcome to another Menu Plan Monday and my weekly Sunday evening menu post.

I've been planning and posting my menus for over 2 years now - along with hundreds of other "mad planners".

Do you know what I've learned? Menu planning doesn't have be complicated. A small investment of time can reap great rewards. Did you know.....

A menu plan saves money by reducing trips to the grocery store and eliminated impulse spending. Planning portions and using leftovers efficiently cuts food waste, while planned buying in bulk makes it easy to stockpile freezer meals at reduced prices.

A menu plan saves time by focusing on kitchen organization. No frantic searches through the freezer for something to thaw for dinner, plus to can plan in advance recipes on evenings you know you are highly stressed or extrememly busy (save a roast for the weekend......make a 10 minute pasta when you have little or no time).

A menu plan improves nutrition by giving you time to prepare healthy side dishes and salads - increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables instead of relying on something quick and processed which is loaded with added sugar, fat and calories.



MONDAY: Salsa Chicken with a BIG Garden Salad

TUESDAY: Chick's B-Day; drinks and appetizers out

WEDNESDAY: Tilapia with Garlic Green Beans

THURSDAY: Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup with Texas Toast (Alabama Vs. Texas for the National Championship)