Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A bohemian Saturday night in Georgetown

Last Saturday evening, we hooked up with our friends, Sonja and Geoff in Georgetown for the Georgetown Art Attack.

The art attack runs every second Saturday at over 30 locations in Georgetown with music, art, wine tasting and shopping.

Georgetown has developed into a "scene" since the 1990's. Businesses like Industrial Coffee and Stellar Pizza began hosting music events which awoke the neighborhood. In the late 90's, quite a few new bars and coffeehouses opened in the neighborhood, plus a record store, a barber shop, a bakery, a "skin sanctuary", and numerous art gallery/studios.

We hit the north end of the attack our first time around and saw a couple of interesting contemporary displays.....abstract drawings at an art school and a cool shrinky dinks display along with art deco 60's furniture at the Old Rainer Brewery Building (where Sonja and Geoff just leased office space for their new business).

Brian and I had a beer on our way home at the very unique Jules Maes Saloon. Jules Mae's opened for business in 1888, five years before the Rainer brewery, and well before the street was paved.

Georgetown existed as a bustling corporate town then. According to newspaper clips that adorn the tavern's walls, Mr. Mae possessed the friendliness requisite to bring in drinkers. Things have changed a bit since then, the bar itself used to be several doors down, and was re-established in 1939, after Prohibition ended. A cast of characters still haunts the place.

There is food here, and from the volume of people ordering, I'd say it was pretty good. The back room, once a bookie joint, has been filled up with diner booths and a back bar for live music. The kitchen sits prominently in the front of the house in full view with one cook knocking down orders like Ali crushed his opponents.

We will come back to Georgetown soon, if not for the art then to check out more of the areas bars and dining.