Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cabo: Day 6 and 7

Friday Morning Sunrise

Parting is such sweet sorrow.....

Our time here is almost over. Back to reality this afternoon.

Thursday was a very quiet and holistic day......almost 5 hours by the pool and we managed to snag one of those cabanas so we kept out of the sun for most of the day. Then it was a late afternoon appointment at the spa.....50 minute massages to complete our relaxation.

Dinner on our patio with a bottle of Chardonnay, leftover steak from Casa Raphael and two amazing salads from the bistro. We watched the starts dance.....telling our favorite Cabo stories and promising to make our last day the very best.

Friday went by quickly as we both knew it would. Not a cloud in the sky for our last day.

Toga Man (our downstairs neighbor)

We took a tour of the grounds....located some beautiful flowers and scenic shots. Whispering our goodbyes.

Permanent Resident - Pink Flamingos

We spent Friday afternoon at the Sky Pool then our last sunset in the lobby bar.

What a treat to hear the incredible Luna Itzel again. Chick bought one of her CDs which I am sure will bring back more wonderful memories of our trip.

Senorita Luna Itzel

We said goodbye to old friends (thank you Sergio for all those cart rides and for making us feel like the most beautiful senoritas in all of Mexico).
Sergio, Driver #11 and Stacy (Adios, good friend)

This final morning greeted us with the most amazing sunrise (which I think is more spectacular than any of the sunsets).

We are just about to check out of our amazing villa and check back into reality. A quick breakfast downstairs before our shuttle to the airport.

Adios, amigos!