Monday, December 8, 2008

Rebecca Lane Christmas Trees 2008

Brian drove down from Seattle on Friday to help the ladies of Rebecca Lane gather their Christmas Trees for 2008.

On Friday night we went to the Providence Festival of Trees, which was interesting. They have a big gala and auction off trees and packages so it was cool to get some decorating ideas and work our way into the Christmas spirit!

We then checked out a hip wine bar called Alu Wine Bar on MLK. A really cool, retro house/garage that they have decked out in all sorts of refurbished furnishings. Very enjoyable. Good wine list with a German flare (Ales and food, too).
On Saturday morning, like last year.....we drove out Scholls Ferry Road to a small lot and found two beautiful trees. It was a different set up from last year and the trees were sparse (lots of people out in the beautiful sun) - but we did end up finding our trees.
Sandra prefers the Grand Fir, but I grew up with a Noble Fir.
Brian came along to assist us in our picks (and for the extra muscle power). My tree ended up being about 8feet tall!

Sunday night we celebrated with our annual decorating party along with a tray of creamy turkey enchiladas. More pictures of the finished products later in the week!