Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Grotto

Chick and I have never been to The Grotto at Christmastime so we added this to our calendar early in the season.
The Grotto community was first formed when permission was granted by the Order to commence the Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother back in 1923. Fr. Ambrose Mayer, OSM, had purchased the property from the Union Pacific Railroad, and with the title came the impetus for starting his dream project. Father Mayer had promised God that if his mother recovered from serious illness following the birth of a young daughter, he, young Ambrose, would do something great for the Church when he grew up. His mother did recover and over the years the promise was not forgotten. Ambrose grew up, became a Servite priest, and kept looking for the opportunity to fulfill his promise. The purchase of the property in northeast Portland was just the beginning.
Continuing a wonderful holiday tradition begun as a gift to the community in 1988, The Grotto's Christmas Festival of Lights welcomes all who seek the true spirit and meaning of Christmas. Through the presentation of spectacular lights, hourly music concerts, outdoor caroling, and other family entertainment, The Grotto's festival surrounds visitors with the traditional sights and sounds of this wondrous holiday season.

Last week we saw a clear and cool evening (no rain) on the radar and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check it out.
The Grotto's pristine sanctuary garden setting with magnificent architecture, towering firs, and an angel-covered Cliffside as a backdrop. This community tradition reminds us all that Christmas is a season of joy, sharing, compassion, and peace.

What an amazing place!