Monday, July 2, 2007

Gig Harbor, WA

Awesome weekend! Our summer finally arrived and just in time for the 4th of July! Brian and I enjoyed our first real summer weekend, spending Saturday exploring Gig Harbor, Washington.

Gig Harbor is known as the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula, due to its close access to several state and city parks, and the historic waterfront that includes boutiques, art and dining. It’s located just over the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, which is currently undergoing an $849 million expansion to add a second span.
Gig Harbor was named by Captain Charles Wilkes. During a heavy storm, the captain brought his Gig (small boat) into the harbor for protection. Later, Captain Wilkes named the sheltered bay Gig Harbor. In 1867, fisherman Samuel Jerisich came to the Gig Harbor area, along with many other immigrants from Sweden, Norway, and Croatia.

Our first stop on Saturday morning was the local Gig Harbor Saturday Farmer’s Market, where we bought fresh asparagus, corn (from Oregon) and red potatoes. Tons of local vendors, food, Native American song and dance and even some guy playing the guitar made the market come to life.

Brian and I then drove into the historic waterfront district of Gig Harbor and spent about 2 hours exploring. We walked up and down the waterfront area (we loved all the homes, gardens) and enjoyed a wine tasting at the local wine shop (great "everyday" sparkling wine) before driving north along the harbor to Anthony’s for lunch. We both got a little sun sitting on the deck over looking the harbor.