Monday, July 16, 2007

Chamber's Bay Walk #2

Sunday morning Brian and I walked Chamber’s Bay (Grandview and Soundview Trail - 3 1/4 miles) for the second time together. Whew! This walk really kicks my butt.

Located in the northern part of the Chambers Creek Properties, Soundview Trail connects to both ends of Grandview Trail making the two trails walkable as a loop. The trail winds from Cirque Plaza across the northern edge of the Chambers Creek Properties then descends through a portion of Chambers Bay golf course to the site of the future Central Meadow. Here the trail turns to take you back up the hill to meet with Grandview Trail.

What was different about Sunday’s walk was that it was the first time I have walked the loop since the Chamber’s Bay Golf Course opened in mid-June. It’s kind of scary thinking that you might get nailed in the head by a golf ball, but fortunately we didn’t hear anyone yelling “fore”. The course is beautiful and highly rated with this walking trail right through the heart of it - an amazing feat.

Despite it being humid and hazy, we finished with smiles on our faces!