Friday, July 13, 2007

Swagat Indian Cusine - REVIEW

Sandra and I went to Swagat Indian Cuisine in Beaverton last night for dinner. Neither one of us had gone out for Indian food in ages and neither one of us could figure out why. I totally love ethnic food and aside from the odd Italian or Chinese meal, I never really indulge in Indian, Middle Eastern of Thai food regularly. This must stop!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the Beaverton location. Don’t get me wrong, the food was awesome – but the fly buzzing around our table was a bit of a turn-off. Also a really small seating area, with uncomfortable booths in an area in dire need of a paint job! I think next time we will try one of their other locations (or get take out). I guess food is their thing, not decor.

The food was spicy – which my palette was not ready for, but the flavors were incredible. Here is what we ordered:

Entire Swagat Menu

Our server brought us a small taste of an Indian chardonnay, which Sandra and I didn’t care for so we stuck with a glass of Beringer chardonnay.


Vegetable samosa……………….
Two crisp patties stuffed with potatoes & green peas

Excellent! They came out fresh and hot with a mild curry flavor and as big as your fist. Maybe more potatoes than peas, but still wonderful.

Kachumbar salad…………………
Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers & onions with house dressing

This salad was a BIG mistake. Rule #1 in ordering at an Indian restaurant – forget the salad! They forgot the tomatoes (Sandra, not pleased) and the dressing was almost non-existent. With iceberg lettuce?! Yuck!


Lamb, Shrimp and chicken with sliced onion and green peppper

Doesn’t everyone dream of having their very own Tandoori oven that cooks at 900F? This was really good! Aside from the “smoky” facial that Sandra got when they brought the sizzling plate to the table, the meat was tender and cooked to perfection.

Boneless chicken tikka cooked in a spicy sauce

You could marinate an old spare tire in this spicy yogurt-based sauce and eat it! No joke! I found it to be a bit spicy (hot), but again – I have not had Indian in awhile so I am a bit out of practice.

Potatoes & cauliflower cooked with special spices

Not sure if it had potatoes in it or not - I think they put those in the samosas! Really good, though. Mild spices and large pieces of perfectly cooked cauliflower.

Nan (plain)
Fried basmati rice
Homemade yogurt with onions, tomatoes & cucumbers

The Raita was really runny?! I can make it at home that runs circles around what we had last night! It was not chilled – almost like it was left out of the fridge all day! Also, good idea to make sure it’s on the table before you take your first bite. Remember – this puts out the fire! I've had better nan, I sorta wish now we had ordered the onion nan. The basmati rice - the way all rice should taste!

For $60 including wine and tip, Sandra and I had an excellent dinner and I have enough leftovers to eat a feast for lunch today. I think this location has just gotten lazy. Their food speaks for itself - but don't forget the little things that make the entire meal memorable.

Swagat-Beaverton ***(out of 5)