Monday, July 16, 2007

Bastille Day - Saturday in Edmonds

Whenever our “spirits” get down, Brian and I always find a way to get up to Edmonds, Washington. Having missed our first Edmonds 4th of July in three years our “spirits” really needed a lift so on Saturday we headed up to Edmonds to see what’s new.

Brian and I wanted to start our trip off with breakfast at the Mountlake Terrace “Terrace Café”, but we were heartbroken when we discovered that it was closed. Instead, we drove right to Edmonds and had a wonderful breakfast at the Pancake Haus. For over 30 years, this place has been serving up the biggest variety of pancakes around. YUMMY!

We walked about 6 blocks down to the ferry terminal and took the Edmonds/Kingston ferry across the Puget Sound to the small town of Kingston (about a 30 minute crossing). They have a cute little Saturday Farmer’s Market right at the ferry terminal. We didn’t buy anything, but we always enjoy looking at the various arts/crafts and local food (a taste of fudge and a bite of smoked salmon). We had a microbrew at the Main Street Ale House before crossing back over to Edmonds.

Edmonds is a quaint little city right on the Puget Sound with views of the Olympic Mountains. Logger George Brackett founded Edmonds in 1890, naming the city after Vermont Senator, George Franklin Edmunds. Brackett discovered the city of Edmonds while paddling a canoe north of Seattle, searching for timber. When a gust of wind hit his canoe, Brackett beached in a location later called "Brackett's Landing".

We stopped by all of our favorite haunts. The Edmond’s Farmer’s Market has really grown and they had a lot of nice produce. Brian and I picked up a zucchini and a yellow squash for dinner along with a bunch of fresh basil. For Bastille Day, the Edmonds Resident Cheesemonger was serving up two wonderful French favorites, a goat cheese log and a wedge of Roquefort (of which I bought a bit). They have the best cheese in the northwest. We strolled down to the Edmonds Bookstore. I always enjoy supporting the small town bookstores of this country and Brian and I could hang here for hours. I think I picked out my next three reads!
We ended our Edmonds adventure at Aritsa Wine Cellars tasting….you guessed it, French Wines (Vive La France). I loved the sparkling wine, but can’t say I liked much of anything else we tasted (I think Brian liked the red from Bordeaux ). I guess I am just an oaky chardonnay kind of girl!

Thank you Edmonds, for lifting our spirits!