Tuesday, November 8, 2016

45/52: November Skies

It's hard to adjust to the changing seasons....and then when Sammy died, time suddenly became the enemy.  It goes by so fast now...and you want to slow it down most days. Now, I find myself wanting to back it up.....or make it go so fast that I forget the past entirely.  This too, shall pass.

Brian's been working a lot and working on Saturdays.  I never minded when Sammy was alive, in fact.....I actually enjoyed the thought of my little boy and I in the house, puttering, cooking, napping and listening to music while Brian worked.

This past weekend I was alone again on Saturday.  I made the best of it.  I did some things that brought me joy, like watching Christmas movies, coloring in my adult coloring book and making a wonderful dinner for Brian and I after he finished a long day tutoring.  Life is moving on and I am adjusting.

Our skies have been mesmerizing.  I just love November skies when the light begins to fade.  Do you lose track of time in the winter?  I know, I do.  The light fades early in the NW skies and it can catch you off track.  The days get so short this time of year.  Darkness fills a bigger void.

I took time again to enjoy some little things in new light.