Wednesday, November 2, 2016

44/52: End of October and other stuff

Who schedules Halloween on a Monday night?

I quickly got home by 4:30PM, started lighting candles, threw candy in our orange bowl, picked out a Halloween outfit (black sweatpants and a Halloween shirt) and started my 8 hour haunted music mix.

There was plenty of wine and a homemade pizza. The first knock on our door was at 6:40 and we turned the pumpkin off and just as I was about to lock the door, the last trick or treeter knocked on the door at 9:03.  We had 54 begars. We've got a bit of candy left!


Since Sammy passed, I've found little to post about and quite a few pictures on my camera that I wanted to share but didn't.  This is the other stuff portion of the post.

A new Rebecca Lane refrigerator.  The old one stopped working and this lovely one is quite beautiful (as fridges go).  We lost the entire contents of the fridge so it gave us the perfect opportunity to toss and restock.

For National Chocolate Cupcake Day, I treated Chick and I to some amazing cupcakes from Market of Choice.  I've been practicing the food photography app on my phone to see if I like it.

A wild storm passed over us in West Seattle (the day Sammy passed away) and left behind a huge branch from our neighbor's cedar tree in the middle of our front lawn.  Luckily it missed the house and we had no other damage.

Finally, I rode the new Seahawk train a few Fridays ago.  The paint job on the locomotive is awesome!  Go Hawks!