Sunday, May 22, 2016

Menu Plan Monday: May 23-26, 2016

Happy Monday!

It's week #3 of our low/no carb menu.  So far, it's been a great process and increased activity/exercise has helped.  One of the great things about eating whole foods low in carbs is the elimination of (refined) sugar and the ease of cooking and cleaning up.  Any others!?

Check out Laura's link up for more planning and organizing ideas!


Monday: Grilled Steak and Steamed Artichokes
Tuesday: SW Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Creamy Pork Chops and Green Beans
Thursday: Train to Seattle to start the long weekend!

Carbs this week - 
Monday is carb free!
The SW Chicken salad has beans, corn and some crushed tortilla chips
Wednesday is carb free!