Tuesday, May 17, 2016

20/52: Out with the old

Our old table!

It rained on Saturday and it was cold!  We've been spoiled lately.  We went along down to Lincoln Park on Saturday morning for a walk and then back to the house to warm up and eat a delicious breakfast (thanks, Brian for the mushroom, spinach and Swiss cheese omelette).

We drove down to Lake Morton to pick up a dining room table from our friends who had a table built and didn't need the old table anymore.  They were gone out of town and I missed seeing them.  It was sad to be at the lake and not spend time with them. It made the wet day even more of a reminder that some days things just don't materialize the way you want them to...but hey, we have a new dining room table!  

Then I suddenly got sad to see our old table go.  So many wonderful memories flooded my mind.  I remembered studying for the series 66 with Sammy crawling over my books, Brian and I carving pumpkins around Halloween, eating Zippy's burgers with brother, Ken and dinner parties with the Seymours and their little ones, all 6 of us crammed around a table for 4 and loving every minute of it.  Brian probably has more memories going back to before he and I met, but I didn't want to get all maudlin over a table...or maybe I did.

We got the new table home (minus two chairs that didn't fit in the car)!  It's not that much different from the old table....a bit taller with room for 6 chairs, so a bit longer, but not too big to really notice.  

Sunday we said goodbye to West Seattle and drove to Portland to spend the week together.

How did you spend the weekend?