Tuesday, June 2, 2015

23/52: Around West Seattle

We stuck pretty close to home this past weekend and we were rewarded with beautiful weather and warm temps.

Friday night, when I got off the train from Portland, Brian and I headed back to West Seattle and down along Alki Beach to Blue Moon Burgers.  They opened in West Seattle a few months ago and I bought an Amazon Groupon for $22 worth of burgers, sides and shakes for $12.  The burgers were not cheap, but they were huge along with generous sides of French fries and onion rings!  To be honest...we like other places in West Seattle better, but it's always fun to try a new place and it was a treat to sit outside along busy Alki as the sun was setting.

We finally got back to walking both Saturday and Sunday mornings...3+ miles through Lincoln Park each day.  It felt nice to be back at it again as we are a bit behind on our summer goals. There was a minus tide on the beach and it's always interesting to see what is underneath the water in spots normally covered with 5-6 feet of water.

Brian tried a new breakfast dish on Saturday that I had torn out of a cooking magazine.  It was a Simply Potatoes dish called Cowboy Hash and it was quite good.

The rest of Saturday was spent tackling garden project #3.  The front yard area and flower box we did first and aside from some weeding, another layer of bark and a few leftover flowers to plant...we are both really pleased with the completion of project #1.

Sunday before last (Memorial Day Weekend), I worked on the Secret Garden (project #2) which was a chore.  Lots of weeding, and then I laid down two bags of bark and planted two coleus and a cosmo (last picture above). 

This past Saturday we finished project #3 (Peace Garden) which was quite a mess and extended down along the western fence line.  Mostly weeding, a layer some top soil and then bark and some finish work (not much sunlight to plant much of anything), but I like the clean and tidy look. Brian worked his butt off! (sorry no picture, but I'll post next weekend). 

Finally, it was time to sit back and enjoy our work with a nice iced tea on the patio.

How was your weekend?