Tuesday, June 23, 2015

26/52: Father's Day Weekend in Eugene/Springfield, OR

We had quite a mismatched weekend with a bit of this and a bit of that over Father's Day.

Last Friday, we drove from Eugene to Roseburg to the Roseburg National Cemetery where my Dad's brother, Mike's ashes are interned.  It was a bitter sweet journey, but the family agreed that it was the right thing to do...to say a proper goodbye even if Mike was absent from our family most of his life.  I know it meant a lot to my Dad and that's all that really mattered to me.

We drove north west out of downtown Roseburg along the Umpqua River to Henry Estate Winery. This part of Oregon is beautiful and the "Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua" forms the heart of the timber industry of Southern Oregon, generally centered around Roseburg. 

The Native Americans in the Umpqua's watershed consist of several tribes including the Coquille and the Kalapuya.  The Umpqua River boasts some of the world's best fly-fishing and is famous for its small mouthed bass, striped bass and shad population.

Henry Estate Winery, has been in operation for more than 30 years and has five generations of wine growing history behind them.  Beginning in 1978, Henry Estate produced only 2,000 gallons of wine.  Today, full production is 18,000 cases, 75% of which is handcrafted from estate grown grapes.  Their tasting room is open daily from 11-5:00 and it gave us an opportunity to sample some of their wonderful wines and take in the gorgeous views.

We also stopped by Misty Oaks Winery and has their current offerings of Gobbler's Knob Red Blend, Constitution Ridge Pinot Blanc, Jones Road Cabernet Franc and the Viper Trail Malbec (we enjoyed so much that Rosemary bought two bottles).

We left the vineyard and headed north east to the historic town of Oakland, OR.  This city was the first city to be placed on the state's historic register in 1968.  The city's two block business district consists of the original brick buildings built in the 1880's and 1890's. Stearns hardware has been in operation since 1887.

In the center of town is Tolly's Grill and Soda Fountain, housed in a historic building built in 1872. It was great place to stop for linner (lunch/dinner) and enjoy an old fashioned homemade soda from the restored fountain.

On Saturday, Brian flew in from Seattle and we went out for breakfast at the Washburne Cafe before settling back to E Street.  We didn't have much planned for the day, but it was nice to be outside by the pool and visit as a family.  The weather was just perfect and it made for a great outdoor day and time in the pool.

Saturday for dinner we decided to have a small plate/tapas/appetizer meal.  Brian made his Pinot Noir meatballs, Pop threw some honey mustard chicken wings in the slow cooker, I grilled some lamb lollipops and there were dips and salads overflowing.

It was a great celebration of Dad and family once again this year.

Happy Father's Day to all!