Tuesday, May 12, 2015

20/52: First Seattle Mariners Game of 2015

Last Sunday was our first Seattle Mariners game of 2015.  We sat up in the Terrace Club, which we love....it's kinda like the cream on the crop seats, quiet...less crowds, nicer bathrooms with shorter lines and better food (delivered to your seat) plus a wine bar (I know I sound a bit like a baseball snob)!

It was also King Felix Day!  Of course you never know who is going to pitch when you initially buy the tickets so getting to see King Felix Hernandez take the mound was a really special treat!

For Mother's Day the Mariner's gave away 10,000 sun hats (which I got) and I will enjoy wearing outdoors this summer.

The King's Court was all decked out in pink tee-shirts and The King won his 6th game of the season.

Sunday's weather was pleasant...just perfect for our first game.