Saturday, May 9, 2015

19/52: How Does Your Garden Grow?

April 27th I turned my garden over (with the help of Brian) and on the 29th I planted three Early Girl tomato plants.  My goal is to establish a tomato "tree", which I successfully grew the year before last. 

Last week was nice and sunny with no rain so I think they had a chance to take hold. Despite some showers this week, our night temps have been well into the upper 40's so I think I am in the clear.

This past Monday, I searched for some things to plant in the other box.  I've been kicking around beans or peas the past few years and this year I've taken the plunge.  I bought a set of bamboo stakes and made a tee pee for some french green beans...fingers crossed.  

In addition, I found a black patio zucchini so my thought is that the patio variety will be smaller and take up less space (again...fingers crossed).  Planting a garden in a raised box is wise.  I am never sure if I've got enough room until it's too late!

I've got some herb starts in house (I don't dare put basil outside until July) and my rosemary wintered over in a pot so I think I am good on herbs, which I will re-plant outside later in the summer.

I am super excited!  Grow, baby...grow.