Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hawaiian Adventure - Maui: Day #3 2014

On Tuesday, we took a walk up to the Kapalua Airport at 7:30 AM.

It is an uphill climb, but the views are well worth it once you get to the top!

After an hour by the pool, we headed up to Kapalua in search of Dragon's Teeth.

At Makaluna-puna Point located on the edges of the Ritz Carlton properties, lies Dragon's Teeth.  Formed from one of the last lava flows on Maui.  It is a little different from the other lava flows as it is much finer, lighter, and denser.  The wind sweeping over the point caused the lava to harden in an upward fashion.

The jagged formations look like teeth of a large dragon, hence the name.  Hundreds of years of salt spray have whitened the lava and even eroded holes through some of the areas.

We had an early "Happy Hour" dinner at Roy's in Ka'anapali a place we frequented years ago when they were located in a quiet shopping complex across from our condo In Kahana.  Their bar menu is small (and a bit on the expensive side for a happy hour), but the food is still classic Roy's.

The Asian Pork Ribs, Caesar Salad and Roy's Burger with Maui Onions, BLT and White Cheddar hit the spot.

Sunset at the condo was spectacular and capped off a perfect day #3, Maui style.