Tuesday, September 16, 2014

37/52: Fence Project and Garden Update!

Thanks to our dear, sweet neighbors, we have a new fence at Rebecca Lane!

The project was completed in about 10 days from start to finish and the end result is a beautiful new fence.


The garden continues to produce 4-6 tomatoes a week (we eat a lot of BLTs this time of year)!

Finally, my acorn squash in coming along nicely.  I have two "hopefully" eatable candidates!

Duds this year included my basil, which I believe does better out of the direct sunlight.  Next year I will perhaps keep a plant on the front porch where it will get morning sun only?!

My broccoli bolted while I was in Hawaii, but some of the smaller limbs will continue to produce until first frost, so I cut it back last week, keeping only one plant.

I still have green onions which are getting quite big.  They are always nice in a salad.