Friday, November 9, 2012

Old Photo Friday: 1970's Thanksgiving

 WHO: Grandma Virginia at the head of the table with Grandpa Ralph (R), Donna Dahl, Toby Dahl (in white shirt) and Uncle Bud at end of table
WHAT: The Meal
WHERE: Dinner at Aunt Pat's
WHEN: Thanksgiving late 1970's

WHO: Aunt Pat, Sten, Candy, Toby and Donna Dahl, Uncle Mickey, Uncle Bud, Mike, Mom
WHAT: The Game
WHERE: Aunt Pat and Uncle Bud's
WHEN: Late 1970's

Every year, Thanksgiving was spent at Aunt Pat and Uncle Bud's house.  It was a large gathering, sometimes 15+ and while everyone loved the meal, the main purpose of the day was the card game after dinner, which sometimes lasted long into the night.