Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update: Bits and Pieces

We had a quiet, relaxing weekend with plenty of good home cooking, naps, movies and football.  I am still recovering from some sort of flu bug/tummy monster thing so...not a lot of energy.  I need to rest up...we've got a big week ahead!

Here are some random shots from not only this past weekend, but from the last 6 weeks or so.  Bits and pieces of whats been happening.


 Me and Uncle Steve - getting really excited to see him for Thanksgiving!

Chinatown in Seattle - this is where the Bolt Bus leaves from Seattle.  We need to explore this area more.  Looks like a lot of really good food around this part of town.

King Street Station - Seattle

Chick at Hilton - Downtown Portland.  We had cocktails last Sunday night.  Fun!

 Keikei Lahina posing for her PlayGirlCat centerfold.  She loves to help me make the bed!

Pinterest idea with the squash/gords inside the vase.  I love the look of fall.