Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Keiki

Keiki (pronounced "kay-key") is the Hawaiian word for "baby" or "child", literally meaning "the little one".

While I was away in Hawaii, a sweet little lost cat started calling our Beaverton back patio home.

What were we to do?

We, of course started feeding her/him (after finding out that our neighbors were also giving her/him meals as well). 

Doesn't this sound all too familiar?

We also had to name the little booger, and due to my fixation with Hawaii, Keiki just took (we had a feral cat at the condo that I also called keiki).

We've printed up flyers and posted them in the neighborhood and at the local grocery store.

In my heart, I just know that this little kitty is missing it's home and it's family is missing her/him.