Friday, May 18, 2012


Yup. The suitcase is packed again and I'm off to the east coast for a work conference.  It's a short trip to Baltimore and hopefully in between our two day session there will be some time to explore (although I am staying at the Hilton at the airport so chances are slim).

After Baltimore, I head to Norfolk/Portsmouth, VA to visit my Mom and Kenny for a few days.

In the meantime - how about some Baltimore/Maryland trivia . . .

  • The United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 at Annapolis. 
  • In 1830 the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company built the first railroad station in Baltimore.
  • The first dental school in the United States opened at the University of Maryland (I hope I don't have to use it).
  •  Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, was born in Baltimore and attended Saint Mary's Industrial School. 
  •  The National Aquarium is located in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. 
  •  The Maryland State House is the oldest state capitol still in continuous legislative use. 
  • Maryland was first to enact Workmen's Compensation laws in 1902. 
  • Sixteen of the 23 Maryland counties border on tidal water. The combined length of tidal shoreline, including islands, is 4,431 miles.