Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up: Eugene!

Brian and I haven't been down in the valley for awhile, so last weekend we drove the Bronze Goddess down to Eugene to see my Pop and Rosemary.

Saturday was beautiful after a full week of rain and cool fall temps. I love Eugene in the fall.

I took Brian to Ninkasi Brewery to try some of their cool brews and enjoy their patio. It's a fun place to hang providing it's a dry day. Dad and Rosemary met us in the afternoon and we all enjoyed a beer sampler.

As the day was fading, I drove Brian up to Skinner's Butte for a look out over Eugene. The butte was named for Eugene Skinner, founder of Eugene.

Skinner Butte's elevation is 682 feet with a winding road that leads to the summit. The butte is also the location of a giant "O" emblem representing the University of Oregon visible from the air and the city. Less visible is the "Big E" symbolizing the former Eugene High School (now South Eugene High School).

Dinner at Brian's favorite Eugene restaurant, Cafe Lucky Noodle (he dreams of their braised beef often).
A good family homecoming weekend!