Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mobile Chowdown 2011 in West Seattle

Last Sunday, West Seattle hosted the 2011 Mobile Chowdown (think Food Network's the Great Food Cart Race).

This year 26 food trucks came to the West Seattle Junction with food ranging from ice cream to curry. There was no entry fee and plenty of extras to explore (beer garden, kids area and music).

Sponsored by Seattle magazine and Suzuki + Chou Communimedia....since 2009, they have been rounding up a mix of food trucks to a different corner of the city to promote both civic and culinary exploration.

And explore we did.....

Some of the more popular carts, and the longest lines were found at
Maximus Minimus , Where Ya at Matt (at least an hour wait for Po'Boy Sammies), Street Donuts and Skillet.

Unlike the Portland food pods (which remain stationary), most of these carts roam around the city in search of hungry foodies and most of them blog or tweet their locations in advance.

I found a manageable line at Fusion on the Run, island inspired tacos and sandwiches (Ba Minh) with Korean and Vietnamese flair. The KV (stands for Korean/Vietnamese) fusion tacos (3 for $7) with marinated short ribs, onions, cilantro, daikon radish and carrots were wonderful.

Long lines kept us from exploring seconds and/or dessert, but the beer garden had plenty of cheap beer ($3 pyramid varieties) with proceeds going to the West Seattle Food Bank.

I am really looking forward to searching for some of these food carts around the city and next year's Mobile Chowdown (come back to West Seattle, please).