Monday, August 6, 2007

Sunday At SAFECO

Brian and I spent Sunday afternoon down the first base line watching the Red Sox beat the Mariners, 9-2.

It was a beautiful day with temps in the low 70’s and we sat in the sunshine the entire game. Our seats in section 111 were in this little “wedge” of seats within an arms length of the right fielder. A great view and a place we have never sat before.

The game was a disappointment with Red Sox Nation doing their best to be heard above the home town crowd. Chants of “Let’s Go Red Sox” could easily be heard with every at bat. Rightfully so…..Josh Beckett pitched one hell of a game and the M’s disastrous defense and anemic offense never had a chance.

This was our last “official” game. Brian and I used our Christmas gift cards to buy 2 seats to 4 games this year, but I have a feeling that we will catch at least one more game in September and who knows about October!