Wednesday, July 23, 2014

32.5/52: Tired...lost faith in mankind (only to have it restored)!

Oh dear me......

Such drama in that blog post title, I am bound to have you hooked!  Just a has a good ending!

Last weekend was quiet!  We went from 90 degrees to 70 degrees which pleased Brian and Sammy immensely.  We ran errands and cooked a nice dinner on Saturday night and Brian received a surprise in the mail....Dunkin' Donuts coffee from east coast friends!

We were quiet because we were downtrodden, crest-fallen and SERIOUSLY jacked-off!

Brian had a quick mid week trip to Denver.  Upon landing, he got on the Avis rental car shuttle which made two for the preferred, elite, top-notch (I don't have to wait in any line) customers and a second stop...for the common-folk, proletariat (we'll wait in line hours just to rent one of your stupid cars) customers.  At the preferred stop, a seemingly honest, middle aged business-man preferred Avis rental car customer accidentally grabbed Brian's black Costco computer/over-night bag (probably thinking it was his) and took off for his rental car.  It wasn't until Brian's Avis stop that he realized the bag he picked up was NOT his Costco bag.  His bag was gone!

Of course the preferred, elite, honest-looking business-man didn't bother (being that he was so important to the existence of our planet) to put any luggage/name tags on his bag!  That would have been too easy, right to have his cell phone number and to have called him before he left the airport to ask him to bring back the wrong bag he absent-mindlessly just STOLE!

So here Brian clothes, no glasses, no toiletries....oh and no Apple IPAD (belonging to his lovingly, supportive and seductively beautiful Girlfriend of 10 long years = me). 

85,000 telephone calls to minimum wage Avis employees later, hours spent riffling through the absent minded businessman's bag (and he had nothing of any value except chapstick and pencils) and NOTHING. Oh, there was a scrap of paper with a disconnected phone number on it...but nothing real substantial.  Not sure what kind of business this elite Avis car renter does, but I am betting it's nothing too successful! 

Finally with Brian, playing the part of a mix between Ellery Queen and Jim Rockford and his steadfast desire to get the bag back, he and another Avis Manager were able to look up all the customers who picked up rental cars on Tuesday morning.  The businessman was tracked down and sent an e-mail asking if he had mistakenly taken a bag.  But, as the clock ticked by....minute by minute....hour after after day, the absent minded bag stealing businessman never surfaced. Brian left Denver Thursday night with no bag and a small lead.

So.......after a bit of retail therapy on Saturday (replacing summer sandals, work shoes and slacks) we began drowning our sorrows in a fine Zinfandel (thank you Cost Plus World Market)!  Brian's cell phone rang at 6PM and it was AVIS.  The bag had been found....after 6 long days and nights.  Apparently, the elite absetn minded businessman, thinking that he had picked up the bag mistakingly on the airplane, took Brian 's bag back to Delta Baggage lost and found when he flew out of Denver on Thursday! After an hour on the phone with Delta, we found someone who physically had Brian's bag sitting right in front of her.  She verified the contents and then put the bag on a plane bound for Portland where we were reunited with the bag Sunday afternoon!

Whew!  A wild crazy, mentally exhausting week ended up being pretty nice....back in Portland and ready to resume our faith in mankind!