Tuesday, July 15, 2014

30/52:Garden Update!

My garden is seriously taking off!  The 80-90 degree consistent temps have been a big help, plus the radiant heat from the south side of the house!

Just when I thought my broccoli was done, I've had some success with the two plants I kept.....we will see.

I have more tomatoes than I can count albeit, they are seriously small and very green.  I bet I am harvesting a few by the last day of July.

Herbs are herbs......harvesting basil and oregano.  Rosemary is quite small and I will most likely replant into one of the main boxes before first frost.  Not sure how much I will harvest anytime soon.

Acorn squash has had blossoms for weeks, but I am not seeing any buds???  I would be so happy to just get one edible squash!

How does your garden grow?