Saturday, August 3, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow: Harvesting!

My garden is 4 months old this week and we are harvesting like crazy.

This year's big winner is the yellow cherry tomatoes which taste like candy.  Typically I harvest 10-15 tomatoes a week, which is perfect for salads.

My two early girl tomatoes are loaded with green tomatoes that are just beginning to turn red.  The plant is tied up with twine and precariously leaning.  It's over 5 ft tall.  I chuckle every time I inspect it for more tomatoes!

My co-workers have quit accepting yellow squash (which believe it or not...thrills me).  Last year's squash was a disaster with blossom rot.  Production has slowed the last couple weeks, but I think it will continue to bloom and produce squash through August.

Herbs are healthy, but I gave up on the cilantro.  I cleared that space so that after the cauliflower harvest, I can plant something for fall.  Carrots and broccoli are on the short list.

Speaking of the cauliflower, it appears that we will be eating some shortly, although I am not quite sure how big the heads will be or when to harvest it?  I guess that is part of the fun of gardening.

Harvest season is here!  Yippee!