Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August Bits and Pieces

This summer is winding down and we have been busy doing not much of anything the last few weeks (resting up for our Maui vacation at the end of the month).

Then I look back at the pictures on my phone and realize that we have actually been quite busy!

Here are some bits and pieces from the past few weeks.



Tomato Harvest (they are ripening all at once)

A beautiful lunch spot with clients last week in Carver, OR at Stone Cliff Inn.
We had the most amazing smoked salmon chowder!

A new member of the family?  Missy Bleu has been hanging around West Seattle for several months (she's Sammy's girlfriend).  She's so beautiful!

The start (FINALLY) of my new train station in Tukwila.  Perhaps by this time next year, I will actually have a station instead of a glorified "shed".

Possibly one of the last bowls of steamer clams served at the Downrigger in Friday Harbor, before it burned to the ground on 8/17/13.  So sad!

Pizza on the grill!  My baby and I experimenting with our pizza cookbook for what turned out to be one the best meals of the summer!

August sunset along the Puget Sound.  Probably one of my last sunsets this year as our days are growing shorter, my train schedule is changing and soon my travels will be in fall and winter's darkness  

Wrapping presents for a 5 year-old's birthday!  Getting extra help from Sammy!

How are you wrapping up summer?