Saturday, April 13, 2013

How Does Your Garden Grow, 2013 Edition!

A special...special thank you to my sweetheart, Brian who built me a second garden box last the wet and the cold.

I couldn't remember where I picked up last year's garden box, how much I paid for it, or what the dimensions were, but Brian didn't mind.

He patiently, offered to pick up a nice, cedar box on sale at Home Depot and put it together for me and fill it with dirt in anticipation of planting before the end of April (something that won't die in this cold, wet climate).

When he put the new box together, he realized that it had no bottom and was smaller in height then the existing box.

Did he waiver when I asked him to buy another box and fasten it to the top?  When I asked him to buy landscaping paper to place on the bottom (to prevent weeds from taking over), thus adding an additional trip to Home Depot to his morning, did he say, "No"?

Not my guy!

Thank you, baby!